Archiv 2013

➔ Buchvernissage: Emanuel La Roche: “Doctor, sieh mich an!” Der Basler Arzt Hermann Christ auf medizinischer Mission in der Osttürkei (1898–1903), Chronos 2013, 5 November 2013, 19:00, Mission 21, Missionsstr. 21, 4055 Basel

➔ SYMPOSIUM The Ottoman Cataclysm: Its Beginnings, Basel 17-19 October 2013, Kollegienhaus, Swiss National Science Foundation, Culturescapes Basel, Osteuropa-Forum Basel, Middle Eastern Studies University of Basel, Research Foundation Switzerland-Turkey. Key note lectures:
• Prof. Dr. Erik J. Zürcher: Was the Ottoman cataclysm unavoidable? Young Turk attitudes at the time of the constitutional revolution. 17 October, 18:15
• Prof. Dr. Hamit Bozarslan: Syria 1913–2013, 18 October, 19:15

A report of the symposium is on H-Soz-u-Kult.

➔ Public lecture by Prof. Dr. Hamit Bozarslan: Arab world 2010-2014. From revolutionary configurations to the “state of violence”, University of Zurich, 16 October 2013, 18:15

➔ SFST Annual Lecture by Kemal Kirişçi, The Brookings Institution, Washington: „Zero problems policy? Turkey, Syria and the Kurds in 2013“,  21 May 2013, 18:15, Europainstitut of the University of Basel, Gellertstrasse 27, 4020 Basel.

➔ Lecture by Bilgin Ayata, FU Berlin, Towards Peace and Reconciliation in Turkey? Dersim, the Kurdish Conflict and the Current Peace Process, 22 April, 17:15, University of Zurich UZH Agenda.

➔ Lecture by Mehmet Polatel, M.A., “What happened to the Armenian properties? The issue of Armenian properties from the Empire to the Republic“, at the University of Zurich, 26 March 2013, UZH Agenda.